Mission Statement

Κοινωφελές Ίδρυμα Αγγελίνη-Χατζηνίκου

Non-Profit Foundation Angelinis-Hadjinikos

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Mission Statement

The Georg Angelinis - Pia Hadjinikou Cultural Foundation was established in 1984, and has since then carried out, every summer, an artistic and cultural programme which takes place in the village of Horto, at the foot of Mt. Pelion, in Thessaly.

The programme has a twofold aim: it is addressed, in equal measure, to the expert and to the inhabitant and visitor of the village, in such a way as to create a sensitized public. This two-way communication can only benefit both parties: the public, on the one hand, which partakes of the cultural values offered and "lives" a certain experience, very often from the very moment of its inception and, on the other hand, the artist, who arises re-invigorated from his immersion in the flow of human contact and personal relationship with the receiver. Thus is enhanced the humanistic aspect of art, which was born in, and is an intrinsic element of the light and nature of Greece.

The programmes are selected with great care and take into consideration all kinds of particularities. The main characteristic of all the events is the warm feeling of Greek hospitality which pervades them and thanks to which abstract and impersonal communications are eschewed and a climate of relaxed and friendly comradeship is created. These cultural meetings also aim towards strengthening the bonds between the young people of Greece and those of the other countries of Europe and the rest of the world, through the medium of Art and Culture. It is just the kind of cultural cooperation developed here which will eventually contribute to the achievement of a harmonious co-existence in a united Europe, enabling common goals and linked in a common destiny.