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The Non-Profit Foundation Angelinis-Hadjinikou

The Non-Profit Foundation Angelinis-Hadjinikou was established in 1984, and since then it has been organizing and bringing to fruition an artistic, pedagogical and cultural summer festival at the seaside village of Horto, at the foot of Mt. Pelion in Thessaly, Greece.

It is a legally recognized Greek charitable foundation, formed in conformance with a Presidential Decree of 1994.

Now headed towards its 34th consecutive year, the Foundation has had an unbroken record in bringing an extraordinarily wide range of musical and cultural experiences from Greece and abroad to the region of South Pelion.

Video and audio material from past summers can be found here.

The Festival's program has a twofold aim: it is equally addressed to professionals as well as local inhabitants and visitors of Horto in such a way as to create a sensitized public.  This two-way communication can only benefit both parties: on one hand, the public partakes of the cultural values offered and gains a certain experience, often from the very moment of its inception, and on the other hand, the artist who arises re-invigorated from his immersion in the flow of human contact and personal relationship with the receiver.

Thus is enhanced the humanistic aspect of art, which was born in, and is, an intrinsic element of the light and nature of Greece.

The Foundation needs your help to give us the hope to continue what we have been doing in South Pelion for 33 years.  Please go to our Support page to make a donation or to volunteer to ensure that the artistic and cultural program will be maintained at its current high level.

The governance of the Foundation is undertaken by a board of voluntary directors who deal with the legal and financial areas of activity in the background, thus creating conditions under which the artistic and creative activities can flourish and develop into the future.  However, the fabric of the estate, the maintenance and improvement of the property, must be ensured.  Hence The Friends of the Foundation group has been created.