Horto Festival 2020

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Horto Festival 2020

The full programme for Horto Festival 2020 will be published here as soon as possible. 

Some events and seminars may already be published, so please go to those pages also.

This year's festival is under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture.

The documentary activities in memory of Pia Hadjinikou-Angelini and the Open
Orchestra workshop are carried out with the kind donation of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

Keeping in mind the conditions of the pandemic, we have reshaped our program for this year in order to comply with the new instructions and we take every new decision based on the common wealth. This year's activities include small workshops and seminars that take place mainly in the open-air theater, while the concerts and performances that will accompany them will be announced through the press, mail, facebook as well as in central places of the village.

Every workshop ends with an event

  • At the end of each workshop, a respective performance or concert will be given by the participants.
  • Tribute to the founder Pia Hadjinikou-Angelini

Part of the program is implemented with the support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation and under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture


Event / Seminar


20 - 25 July

Greek traditional music workshop

Intensive classes on traditional Greek music and it's relationship with the East.

25 July

Eastern music with roots to Byzantium

Concert @ 21:00 on Saturday 25 July 2020

25 July - 2 August

Seminar on drama (in Greek)

Theatrical workshop

1 August

Theatrical Performance Aias

by Yiannis Ritsos @ 21:00 on Saturday 1 August 2020

1 - 8 August

Orchestral workshop

Music workshop for orchestral instruments with Anastasios Strikos

8 August

Open Orchestra

Concert of classical music @ 21:00 on Saturday 8 August 2020

22 - 26 August

Choral workshop

Masterclass with Maria Emma Meligkopoulou

23 August

Concert by Maringela Hadjistamatiou


Pellegrinaggio al Levante, a musical journey from Sicily to Constantinople

21:00 on Sunday 23 August 2020 - Horto Open Air Theatre

26 August

Choral conducting workshop's concert

Concert @ 21:00 on Wednesday 26 August 2020

5 September

Cine Recital for cello and piano - Vol2


Concert @ 21:00 on Saturday 5 September 2020

Below are the events which sadly have had to be cancelled this year


Cancelled event / seminar

1 - 10 July

MURR-MA Ensemble (Switzerland)

11 - 19 July

Sacred Meets Secular - Horto Choral Course with Tim Brown

18 July

Sacred Meets Secular - concert

26 July

Art Song Recital

27 July - 2 August

Colla Voce - music workshop for opera singers

29 July

Reinventing Guitar

1 August

Colla Voce - concert

5 August

Duo Vivo - piano 4 hands recital

29 August - 6 September

University of Tübingen - choir and orchestra workshop

5 September

Tribute to Pia Hadjinkikou Angelini - Dvořák Messe D-Dur

12 September

Brahms Meets Broadway - art song recital

19 September

Hortodia in Motion

29 September - 3 October

Choir workshop