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Art is the highest form of man's ability to create.

Authorities, states and countries seem to tranform culture and ethics to economics and logistics. For artists and institutions it is a matter of survival to continue offering the best outcome possible. Responsibility rests with citizens and active community members to care about their quality of life and maintain a world they like to live in. These are some of the thoughts we try to communicate and why we need your support.

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Help by participating voluntarily to our needs during projects and annual programs. Organizing, maintenance jobs and hosting are some of the fields requiring volunteers.


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Give us the hope to continue what we have been doing in South Pelion for nearly 40 years.

If we reach our annual target of 11,000€, the Foundation can survive. 20,000€ per year can provide for the much needed improvements of the estate and facilities, as well as including more performances in the future.

What will you get in return?

  • Involvement in the Foundation's future activites.
  • An email newsletter twice a year.
  • Friends' evenings at the Theatre or at the Hadjinikos Hall, information about our activities and forthcoming performances.

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Friends of the Foundation

Supporting the Angelinis Hadjinikou Foundation

From the outset, the Foundation was set up to be an independent organization with complete freedom to present programs of its choice, free of external influences and interference. It has not sought support from any public funding body, but has chosen to rely on self-generated resources.

In practice this has meant that the Foundation has been heavily dependent on the financial support of Pia Hadjinikou-Angelini and her family. This has served the Foundation well and has been widely appreciated, but it is no longer possible to proceed on this basis. The family’s funds are exhausted.

Since 2010 the Foundation has been endeavoring to be self-funding. However, it has now become apparent that this is not possible. Expenses such as electricity and water bills and now additional taxes must be covered, and a wide range of tasks ranging from stage preparation and cleaning, and the design and distribution of posters through to the conception and realization of the artistic program have only been accomplished by a small number of people working excessive hours and covering costs from their own resources. This is unsustainable.

In order for the Foundation to continue to fulfill its mission, it must put in place alternative funding arrangements or face certain decline and eventual disappearance. Nobody wishes to see this outcome and there is a determination, especially locally, for it to be avoided so that the Foundation is able to continue functioning and build on its impressive past performance.

The governance of the Foundation is undertaken by a board of voluntary directors who deal with the legal and financial areas of activity in the background, thus creating conditions under which artistic and creative activities can flourish and develop into the future. However, the fabric of the estate, the maintenance and improvement of the property, must be ensured.

The basic cost of running the foundation for the immediate future is projected to be 11,000€.  This amount will be required to cover essential services and expenses that arise in addition to those covered by the volunteer directors and locally-active ‘Friends of Horto Theatre’.

From this total, it is foreseen that a €500 per month living allowance, with on site accommodation provided, will be made available for the position of artistic director and manager to ensure both that the Foundation’s activities and volunteers can be managed and coordinated, and that the artistic and cultural program will be maintained at its current high level.

This position requires such a high level of energy, hard work and creativity that it cannot continue to be filled on a voluntary basis.

The Secretary of the Non-Profit Cultural Foundation Angelinis-Hadjinikou, who has done so much for the foundation and whom we hope will be with us for many years to come, is Nikos Adraskelas.