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- The Festival follows all the measures and regulations in force to prevent the spread of the virus.

- Dates and venues might change if conditions are different. Please revisit our website for latest news.

- The Festival is under the auspices and support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and under the auspices of the Cultural Organization of the Municipality of South Pelion.

- In the events of September, the Magnesia Sub-Region is a co-organizer, while the Choir and Orchestra of the University of Tübingen is possible under the donation of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

My spirit sang all day

31 July 21:00

Horto Theatre

Horto Seminar΄s Choir

Brass Ensemble

Tim Brown, conductor

A choral week under the guidance of  Tim Brown concludes with the presentation of a choral music kaleidoscope.

South Pelion Walk 

12 August 21:00

Horto Theatre

Νικος Γεωργαλης, guitar

Κωστας Παππας, contrabass/ mandolin

Κωνσταντίνα Σαμάρα, violin

Παντελης Χατζηκυριακος, bouzouki/ voice

Pantelis Hadjikyriakos΄unpublished songs and Greek songs from his personal albums. 

Cancione de la Ibérica 

25 August 21:00

Horto Theatre

Σπύρος Καβαλιεράτος, guitar

Μαριάντζελα Χατζησταματίου, soprano

Works for solo guitar and voice by composers: Fernando Sor, Manuel de Falla, Federico Moreno Torroba, Joaquin Rodrigo κ.α.

Flute seminar's final concert

27 July 21:00

Hadjinikos Hall/ Online event

Flute Professors: Νικολός Δημόπουλος and Γιώργος Τσιαρδάκας

Δημήτρης Δημόπουλος, piano

Young musicians work intensevely for a week, presenting masterpieces of the repertoire and music rarely played.

Singing all together once again 

28 August 21:00

Horto Theatre

Final concert og Choral atelier – Master Class of choral conducting.

Professor Maria - Emma Meligopoulou 


1 September 21:00

Horto Theatre

Cihan Türkoğlu: voice/ saz

Yiannis Zannis: Indian tabla

Tradition - human and cultural from Greece and Turkey, but also the need that the musical duet felt to seek the austerity and purity of past years, prompted the selection and creation of melodies, hoping to awaken the humanitarian instincts of an alienated, now "numb" world.

The skill and sensitivity of Cihan Turkoglou in saz and voice, and of Yiannis Zannis on the Indian tabla lead us to a seductive journey into the poetic, melodic and rhythmic richness of tropical music.

The two artists compose a fascinating landscape full of sound colors and surprises. The desired result of the collaboration of the two musicians is achieved through songs, organic compositions, and improvisations.

The program will include compositions from the new works of the two artists entitled GÖÇ (Cihan Türkoğlu) and BORAGO (Yiannis Zannis & George Papaioannou).

Choral and Orchestral Concert - CANCELLED

4 September 20:00

Horto Theatre

Camerata Vocalis of Tübingen University

Philipp Amelung, conductor

Dvorak Messe D-Dur & choral works from different periods in history.

Polygenesis - CANCELLED

11 September 21:00

Horto Theatre

Volos Guitar Orchestra

Conducting and preparation: Γιώργος Φουντούλης

Music and sounds from Greeks all around the world connecting memory with history.

Cine Recital

18 September 20:00

Horto Theatre

Vernissage chamber ensemble

Dmitry Gudimov, cello

Ελένη Κουτή, piano

Νίκος Έξαρχος, music arrangement and video support

A music path to the soundscpe of the art of cinema with the dreamy combination of piano and cello.

My beloved one

9 October 18:00

Hortodia, conductor Νίκος Αδρασκέλας

ElGreChor, conductor Τάσος Τατάρογλου

Athens Philharmonia Orchestra, conductor Νίκος Μαλλιάρας

Hortodia choir meets for second time  the Swiss choir ELGreChor collaborating with Athens Philharmonia Orchestra.


17 October 18:00

George Hadjinikos Hall

George Papaioannou and Yiannis Zannis met in Crete, at the Labyrinth Music Workshop, a workshop inspired by Ross Daly and started playing together and collaborating at the end of 2019. Having studied different musical traditions such as Turkish, Arabic, Indian and Greek, draw material from traditional ways and rhythms, creating new compositions that roots in tradition, looking for a contemporary expression, in the context of a type of music that can be called "contemporary modal music".

In January 2021 the two musicians released their first album as a duet, called Borago. The tracks contained in the album were born during their cohabitation in Pelion in the spring of 2020 during the first quarantine ... The mountain itself and nature played a catalytic role in this creation, which explains why some tracks have flower names, and they exude fresh air, clean water, clean food, friendly coexistence, solidarity, respect for the self-evident and the invaluable natural gifts that surround us and keep us alive.

At the concert, the musicians will present the album Borago, but also their new compositions, with violin, lafta (political lute) and tabla (Indian percussion).

Guitar Recital

23 October 18:00

George Hadjinikos Hall

also with live transmission 

Guitar soloist and composer, Smaro Gregoriadou presents her new personal album.