Under the Sun and the Sea

REPERTOIRE (suitable for outdoor rehearsal and performance)

A mixture of a cappella pieces including canons; madrigals and part songs; traditional songs, and music for choir and brass


Part recordings: soprano alto tenor bass

Handel Ave Maria score recording

Tchaikovsky Tebe poem score recording

Rossini O salutaris hostia score recording 

Hassler In Kuhlein Maien (choir sings Choir 1, brass play Choir 2) score

Finzi My spirit sang all day score recording

Orff Odi et amo score recording 

Bartok Gajduite (with brass) score recording (at about 6’40”)

Hugo Alfvén Uti vår hage score recording 

Certon La, la, la, je ne l'ose dire score recording  

Mendelssohn Auf ihren Grab score recording

Sibelius Sydämeni Laulu score recording

Trad. Israeli, arr. Haim score

Greek trad. Song score recording

Lassus Das echo (Choir sings Choir 1, brass play Choir 2) score recording 

Barber Sure on this shining night score recording 

Note from Tim Brown:

I have chosen music that is quite easy to learn, even if it is unfamiliar. Singers – especially the more experienced ones – like to tackle new repertoire when they attend summer courses without having to struggle too hard with the notes, so I try to provide music that is interesting for the more experienced singers and as straightforward as possible for those who are less experienced. There is a mixture of languages to spice things up a bit, though that never need be our primary consideration in a short course.

The list of music is quite long; how much we can sing in the week depends on the distribution of voices, sight-reading ability and the time available. But I am sure we shall have fun exploring this wide range of music, ranging from the Renaissance to the 20th century, and will enjoy performing with a small brass ensemble.

I will try to provide learning tapes as soon as, and when I can; links will be posted on the website as they are available. Any questions, please, to Nikos Adraskelas, via the website. I look forward to seeing you in July.